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New Year's Resolutions for Successful Sales Pros

If you're like most people, you've probably already made and broken some new year's resolutions. Here are some resolutions specifically for sales professionals that will keep you successful all year long. Even better, they're ones that you'll find it easy to keep.

  • I resolve to keep my pipeline filled, no matter what. Even when I am busy closing deals, I will make sure that there are prospects under development.
  • I resolve that if I have too many leads in my pipeline, I will share some of them with other sales professionals while the leads are still reasonably hot.
  • I resolve to take control of my relationship with my sales manager and figure out how best to use (or avoid) his or her as resource for coaching and guidance.
  • I resolve to contact and revisit all of my old customers over the year to make certain that they're still happy with whatever they purchased for me.
  • I resolve to take at least one action every day to improve my sales skills, business acumen, and personal development.
  • I resolve to prioritize my activities each day so that I do the most important tasks first, rather than the ones that are merely urgent.
  • I resolve to keep a positive attitude about my work, my job, my life, my company, my customers, and even my competitors.
  • I resolve to take care of my physical body to whatever degree I'm able, because I know that my attitude depends on remaining healthy.
  • I resolve to help customers to buy only what's right for them and only what they truly need, even if that's not what I'm selling.
  • I resolve to forgive the ignorant fools at my company who don't understand that selling is the reason that our company exists.
  • I resolve to follow a sales process when it going to work, and to ignore it when it won't. I will adapt however the customer wants to buy.
  • I resolve to give some portion of my time and money to those who are less fortunate because that's what truly successful people do.
READERS: Please feel free to suggest some new ones. If they're good, I'll add them to the list!


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