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New USB Devices From Iomega & Wacom

If you have a fairly new computer, when you shop for add-ons, make sure you look for versions that plug into the USB port. It stands for universal serial bus but all you really need to know is, under Windows 98 or on an iMac, it lets you plug or unplug things at will and avoid configuration headaches. Iomega now has a USB version of its popular Zip drive. Iomega's Michael Ludgate...

"The USB product, it's got some really great features to it. It's got the hot plug and play feature that everyone talks about in USB. Also, our product has true cross-platform support. That means it works both on the PC platform as well as the Mac."

Provided they have USB. Another great add-on made easier by USB is Wacom's Pen Partner. It's a tablet with a cordless pen that's pressure sensitive. Product manager Scott Rawlings...

"And what it does is, it allows you to add signatures and mark up Word 97 documents or just create sketches and notes that you email to friends."

You can touch up photographs. Kids can have fun drawing. The Pen Partner sells for under a hundred dollars. I'll have more on new USB devices in upcoming segments.