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New mobile battery charges phones 10 times faster

It's a pet peeve for just about everyone who relies on their smartphone to get through the day -- mobile devices quickly run out of battery life. Now, Chinese tech company Huawei has unveiled two prototype removable lithium-ion batteries that can recharge about ten times faster than the industry standard.

The company showed off the new prototypes in a video presentation at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan last week, ZDNet reports.

Huawei developed a low-capacity 600mAh battery that recharged a phone from almost zero to 68 percent in just two minutes, as well as a high-capacity 3,000mAh version that charged a phone to 48 percent in five minutes.

The company said that the charging speed of the batteries has been increased without decreasing the battery life or energy density.

Huawei's move to create a longer-lasting battery is happening as other companies, notably Samsung, look to wireless charging as the future gold standard for mobile devices. Many of Samsung's latest phones can be recharged by parking them on a charging pad instead of plugging in a power cord, although it's not nearly as fast as Huawei's demo.

Huawei is counting on the efficiency of its lithium-ion batteries to be a main selling point for its devices.

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