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New Pogoplug Adds Up to Four Hard Drives to Your Network

Remember Pogoplug, the little gizmo that turns a USB hard drive into network-attached storage? Well, it's back, and it'

This second-generation 'plug offers some intriguing new features, including support for up to four external drives, but we're having a hard time getting past

Granted, the Pogoplug was never expressly intended for business users (despite it having myriad small-business applications), but the new design will almost certainly keep non-consumer buyers away in droves. Men, too.

If you're not as small-minded as I am and think you'd buy the $129 Pogoplug despite its DayGlo appearance (or even because of it), here's a rundown of what's new in this version:

  • Automatic synching with your music, movies, and files
  • Vastly increased storage and sharing capacity (the aforementioned four drives)
  • Drag and drop slide show creation
  • Easy video and music streaming from your Pogoplug anywhere in the world -- even your iPhone
  • Global search across multiple drives and Pogoplugs
Of course, business users would likely tap it for dirt-cheap network storage and easy remote access to files. If it wasn't pink, that is.

You can preorder the Pogoplug 2 now; shipping is expected to commence by the end of the year. Laughter is expected to taper off shortly thereafter.

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