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New Jack in the Box Logo: Is It Any Good?

Burger chain Jack in the Box has redesigned its logo. The old one was a simple red box with a blobby, 1970s-style typeface. The new one, in two tones of red that give a 3D feel, screams "I have been professionally redesigned!" It was created by Duffy & Partners. The move comes during a comic campaign in which chain icon Jack has been in an advertising-induced coma after being hit by a bus on Super Bowl Sunday. Jack recently emerged from his stupor to strangle a would-be successor, Phil. The ad was created by Secret Weapon.

I'm in two minds. Whenever a classic brand that has nothing wrong with it is "refreshed" by an agency I immediately feel nostalgia for the old marque. Consistency has value. (It used to be how you build a brand, remember that?)

The new logo isn't overtly offensive, although it feels more like a video game than a burger joint to me. One last thought: Won't those two tones of red get lost down the line under cheaper printing methods (i.e. letterhead, franchisee flyers, etc.)?

Use the comments section below (you must register first). You tell me which logo is best.

Side note: Is there something wrong with Jack in the Box's media buying agency? TV spots for this client are running in the New York media market but the nearest Jack in the box is in North Carolina. Waste of money!

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