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New Issue of Taliban's Online Magazine Out

The Taliban released the 32nd issue of its monthly online magazine "Somood," which contained various articles describing "the difficulties" facing the U.S. in Afghanistan and predicting that 2009 will be a good year for the Taliban.

In an article entitled "Obama assumes office with arrogance, as Bush leaves office humiliated," the author, Miyundi, downplayed the differences between the administrations and former U.S. President Bush and current U.S. President Obama. He enlisted the problems that the Obama administration had to face and promised that the surge in Aghanistan that Obama talked about during his campaign, simply won't make any difference.

An interview with Mulavi Sham Eddin Omar, the Taliban commander in Badakhshan, gave an insight into the situation in this northern province and the preparations of the militants for the next spring.

Another article, entitled "A message to the German people," described how the attack on the German Embassy in Kabul was a message to the German people that they picked up the wrong people to represent them. It also said the attack was a threat and a warning to the German rulers over the presence of their forces in Afghanistan.

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