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New Insights Into How Your Customers Find You

New research is out today that may help managers better understand how customers research and find products and services.

The study, by comScore Networks and commissioned by TMP Directional Marketing, found that location specific search engines are growing at a faster rate than general web searches such as Google. Business Wire provides some details:

82% of Local Searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call, or purchase, emphasizing the importance for marketers to integrate their on- and offline information. Of these, 61% made purchases

33% of all consumers still consider print yellow pages as their primary source of local business info

60% of searchers online looking for local businesses think that the top results are most relevant. 25% don't want to have to scroll down.

TMP CEO Stuart McKelvey spoke to about what lessons can be drawn from the research. "People are using the online sources earlier in the research process," he said, but when they are ready to make a purchase, they "are going to that trusted source of local information, the printed products, to validate phone numbers, addresses and store hours." Which means, of course, that to get maximum exposure for your business, you need to be sure both that your information is listed prominently in local search results as well as in traditional paper directories.