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New Hampshire primary results for 2024 Republican election

CBS News projection: Trump wins New Hampshire
Trump will win New Hampshire primary, CBS News projects 02:58

Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire Republican primary, CBS News projected. 

New Hampshire Republicans went to the polls Tuesday to vote in the first 2024 primary election, choosing between the two remaining major candidates. Ron DeSantis dropped his bid for the presidency on Sunday and announced his endorsement of Trump, but was still on the ballot. 

"This race is far from over," Haley said Tuesday night as she vowed to stay in the race through the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24.

The live results of the race will continue to be updated below.

New Hampshire primary live results 

Here are the latest GOP primary results as precincts report them. CBS News projected at 8:20 p.m. ET that Trump would win the New Hampshire primary. 

CBS News currently projects Trump will win at least 12 delegates, with Haley getting at least 9. 

Trump's support was strong across several demographic groups, including men and women, Whites and non-Whites, and across age groups, according to CBS News exit polling. But Haley carried college graduates and voters with incomes of $100,000 and higher. 

A majority of voters said they decided on their candidate a while ago, but one in five made up their minds in the last few days. 

Independents came out in large numbers in this year's primary in comparison to last week's Iowa caucuses and the 2016 New Hampshire primary. Fewer than half of those who voted in the GOP primary identified as Republicans — a shift from 2016 when Republicans were the majority of the electorate. About a third of voters identified as "MAGA," while 45% identified as independents. 

Full Republican delegate tracker for 2024 primaries and caucuses

Here's CBS News' estimate of how many delegates have been allocated to Republican candidates, based on the results of the nominating contests to date. New Hampshire will allocate 22 delegates for Republicans on a proportional basis, with a 10% minimum threshold necessary for any candidate to win delegates. The tracker currently includes estimated delegates allocated after the Iowa caucuses, which took place Jan. 15.

Who is the winner of the Democratic primary?

The Democratic Party says it won't be awarding any delegates from Tuesday's primary, following a dispute with New Hampshire officials about the timing of the state's election. President Biden was not on the ballot, though his supporters did launch a write-in campaign. At 8:20 p.m. ET, CBS News projected Mr. Biden would win the New Hampshire primary. 

The Democratic National Committee decided last year to schedule South Carolina and several other states ahead of New Hampshire, which has had a law on the books since 1975 calling for its primary to be held at least seven days before any other. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu adhered to that law and scheduled the primary for Jan. 23, ahead of the planned South Carolina Democratic primary on Feb. 3.  

Who won previous New Hampshire Republican primary elections?

Trump won the 2020 GOP primary and the 2016 primary. Mitt Romney won in 2012, and John McCain won in 2008.

Who won the 2020 Democratic primary in New Hampshire?

Bernie Sanders won a very close race in 2020, with Pete Buttigieg coming in second. Both received 9 delegates. In 2016, Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the first-in-the-nation primary.

Who won the 2020 general election in New Hampshire?

President Biden won New Hampshire over Trump in 2020, collecting its four electoral votes. 

In 2024, no delegates from New Hampshire will be allocated for Democrats, since the state is not complying with the national party's calendar, which set South Carolina as its first primary. For this reason, Mr. Biden is not appearing on the New Hampshire ballot, but Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson will. Some Democratic primary voters are expected to write Mr. Biden in on their ballots.

These are the state-by-state results as the contests unfold.

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