New Format For ''Survivor'

000621 earlyshow jeff probst
"Survivor: Thailand," the fifth and latest game in the successful reality TV series, will have all new challenges and a brand new start, host Jeff Probst has announced.

In an interview on The Early Show, Probst said the show, which begins Sept. 19 on CBS, will have an all-new way of starting and will offer new challenges as well.

He said producers are trying to shake up the 16 contestants, most of whom have seen previous games, and challenge their assumptions on how the game is played. The 16 competitors, who will vie for the $1 million prize by outlasting everyone else in the game, are to be announced Aug. 15 on The Early Show.

The game show was shot during monsoon season in Thailand and contestants are subjected to a lot of rain – driving sheets of rain – during the last half of the game, Probst said. He also said the Tribal Councils will be held in a Thai temple and the setting was the "most ornate ever" for council meetings.

"It was very weird to me," he said, "because you are there in your smelly khakis in this beautiful temple."