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New FAA Luggage Limits

In an attempt to standardize the industry and reduce the security workload at checkpoints, the FAA is limiting all airline passengers to one carry-on bag plus one personal item like a purse or briefcase.

Airline passengers are now limited to one carry-on bag and one pocketbook or briefcase each.

The new restrictions were announced Monday as airline security already was at its highest level because of last month's terrorist attacks. The Federal Aviation Administration again warned airports about security following Sunday's attacks on Afghanistan.

The limits on carry-on bags extend the restrictions imposed on passengers to and from Reagan Washington National Airport when it reopened last week. Except for flights to and from National, there had been no government limits on carryon bags.

The restrictions are designed to enable screeners at security checkpoints to spend more time checking passengers and bags. Electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones may be subject to additional screening, the FAA said.

The FAA also reminded passengers of other security procedures that have been put in place since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The agency recommended Monday that airline passengers take public transportation if possible to airports, noting that parking and the ability to drop passengers off at curbside will be limited.

The FAA did not ban curbside check-in, as it did during the Persian Gulf War. Some airlines and airports can offer the service if special security procedures are in place.

For the most part, only ticketed passengers will be allowed past security checkpoints. But there will be some exceptions made for those accompanying passengers for medical reasons and those accompanying small children who are flying alone.

The FAA also issued a list of items banned from cabins, including knives, any cutting instruments, corkscrews, baseball and softball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, ski poles and hockey sticks.

The agency said that safety razors, tweezers and nail clippers would be allowed in carry-on luggage. Syringes also would be allowed with proof of medical need.

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