New "Dog & Pony" Video Blog Taps Entrepreneurs' Insights

The hipster term for a video weblog is "vlog." But don't worry, we won't bore you with a lot of new Internet neologisms on our new Dog and Pony video blog. Instead, we'll offer fast-paced, conversational interviews with some of the smartest managers and entrepreneurs in business today.

Hosted by Vince Thompson, CEO of Middleshift, Sunny Gault, CEO of Media Sun, and print and TV reporter, Zorrianna Kit, these interviews are always lively, informative and entertaining.

Dog and Pony's hosts offer up their sage management advice in text as well as video. Check out Vince Thompson's recent post, 10 Reasons Why You -- Managing in the Middle -- Are More Valuable Than Your Company's CEO.

Past video guests include:

In the Dog and Pony video embedded below, Nina Sutton, founder of, talks with Sunny Gault about building a business out of her home and balancing her career while being a mother.
Nina Sutton: Being a Mommy Entrepreneur