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New CEO to Focus MolsonCoors on Emerging Markets

With the naming of Peter Swinburn as CEO, expect MolsonCoors to step up its efforts to expand into emerging markets.

swinburnSwinburn, a Welshman, came to the (pre-merger) Adolph Coors Brewing in 2002 when that company acquired Britain's Bass Brewing. Heading up the company's European operations, he was responsible for marketing to developing countries, particularly in Asia. He later ascended to the CEO position of the Coors Brewing unit of MolsonCoors, a position that will disappear when the company begins its U.S. joint venture with SABMiller at the end of the month.

Swinburn hasn't named any particular countries on his radar, but he told Reuters that the company is "very biased to developed markets," a situation he hopes to change.

Last quarter, MolsonCoors reported that 61 percent of its sales volume came from the United States, with most of the rest coming from the U.K. and Canada.

In all those countries, drinkers are increasingly opting for imports and craft beers â€" or for wine and liquor.

"So," Swinburn said, "there's an unerring logic that says 'look at developing markets.'

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