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Network your LinkedIn business contacts to "never eat alone"

Have you been inspired by the philosophy in Keith Ferrazzi's bestselling business bible "Never Eat Alone"? Then you might be intrigued by an app that takes the concept of smartly using personal time to extend the reach and power of your business networks.

LunchMeet is an iPhone app that leverages your LinkedIn contacts to help you find a lunch date. It's that simple: Just log into LinkedIn and specify when and where you're available. Then you can use the app to search for other nearby professionals who want to meet.

The app looks like a great resource for all manner of career professionals who want to meet and network with other like-minded folks. That said, it's also private, in that LunchMeet does not share your private information with anyone else on the network without your permission. It looks like an awesome way to develop your network, mentor or be mentored. [via Business Insider]

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