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Netflix split explained by The Oatmeal with this cute comic strip

The Oatmeal explains the Netflix split with a sandwich-store comic
The Oatmeal

(CBS) - The solution to separate Netflix's online movie streaming service from its DVD-by-mail business (now known as Qwikster) is not going over well with customers. The split announced by co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings continues to anger both current and former subscribers. It's like buying a sandwich in pieces - at least, that's how The Oatmeal see it.

Netflix CEO apologizes to subscribers, splits company in two

The Oatmeal, which is full of other awesome illustrations, created this cute comic of an unsuspecting man buying a sandwich he had gotten dozens of times prior. One day, he walks in to the same shop to find that the price has been raised - 60 percent to be exact. He complains to the manager who then asks him to come back later.

Taking his customer feedback, the sandwich store manager decided to split the business in two - customers buy buns on one side and the rest of the sandwich (meat, condiments and all) can be purchased at a different location.

How does that fix anything? Exactly.

Netflix (NFLX) stock drops after members jump ship

Netflix has ruffled one too many feathers. The company's stock took a plunge last Thursday, dropping over 17 percent, which was no doubt a reaction to Netflix's announcement that it expects 1 million fewer subscribers by the end of the third quarter.

Back in July, the company made a shocking decision to raise subscription fees a whopping 59 percent, from $9.99 to $15.98. The backlash set in and subscribers threatened to discontinue the service.

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