Netflix game for ordering more "Arrested Development"

David Cross, left, and Portia de Rossi in a scene from "Arrested Development," premiering May 26, 2013, on Netflix.
AP Photo/Netflix

Netflix is game to play more ball with the Bluths, if the Bluths are.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told CNBC that the company would be interested ordering more episodes of "Arrested Development" if the cast was willing. He stated that it's all about availability, which was something that held up filming on the fourth season.

He also praised the cult comedy for its fourth-season performance thus far, saying "it's been huge, just as we had hoped." However, he was reluctant to release exact numbers, as the streaming experience is different than traditional TV viewings, thus measuring the ratings is done differently.

"The reason we're not doing ratings is because we really want to focus over the first year," Hastings said. "Netflix is about being able to watch when you want, not having to watch at a certain time like linear TV is. So we're really not focused on the Day One ratings, it's really over the first year."

Tell us: Do you hope the Bluth's are down for a fifth season?

Watch Hastings discussing "Arrested Development" on CNBC below: