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Neither Barack Obama Nor John McCain Will Deal With The Immigration Problem

Who is right on immigration?

Americans who want illegal immigrants returned to their homelands find a hero in neither presidential candidate. We who want illegal entrants to get in line like their legal cousins and wait for U.S. visas, or who want the United States to deport those who arrived here legally with visas and overstayed those visas (about half the population of illegal immigrants) have no dog in this presidential fight and no candidate to support because that candidate does not exist.

Those of us who believe illegal immigration is decreasing the quality of life in America will find no solace no matter who is elected. Those of us who shudder at overdevelopment, destruction of open space, the loss of natural habitat, the nonstop increase of sprawl, traffic jams, and greater air and water pollution will not see this issue resolved by Barack Obama or John McCain. Those of us who do not want more and more of our tax dollars going to subsidize education and healthcare for illegal immigrants will find no friend in the White House. It is the most important issue facing America and the one no candidate wants to touch.

By Bonnie Erbe

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