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Need to Run Old Programs in Windows 7? XP Mode Is Now Compatible with Your Old Computer

Windows XP Mode has been something of a godsend for business users who wanted to migrate to Windows 7 but had legacy applications that simply wouldn't run in anything except Windows XP. XP Mode let you run your old, incompatible software in a virtual XP machine right within Windows 7. There was only one snag: XP Mode required modern PCs that have special CPUs to support hardware virtualization.

Good news: That's no longer a problem.

As of last week, Microsoft has updated Windows XP Mode to no longer require hardware virtualization. That means you can run XP Mode on the ancient computer you already have. You can read the Windows Blog post for additional information -- though, to be honest, I've just told you everything you need to know. If you're ready to dive in, just go straight to the XP Mode Web page.