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Need a wedding dress for less?

Most brides don't have Kate Middleton's royal wedding budget, but every bride deserves to look her best on her special day.

According to "Early Show" Style contributor Katrina Szish, it's possible to buy the dress of your dreams without breaking the bank. She found several options that can help any bride with a price limit.

Finding the perfect dress for the big day is the No. 1 obsession for every bride.

Affordable wedding dresses are so in demand that even Costco has jumped on board with a wedding dress collection.

"There is the dream of what you're going to wear on your wedding, and they do feel this pressure to find the dress," says Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings.

And with more and more brides paying for their own nuptials, several mass-market retailers have expanded their bridal lines, giving women the opportunity to say yes to the dress -- but for less.

Miller points out that there are so many options to chose from these days, whether it's White by Vera Wang, a collection for David's Bridal, J. Crew or Beholden, a line from Anthropologie.

The latest cost-couture contender is big-box retailer Costco.

"Wedding dress at Costco?" We were a little surprised," admits two female shoppers.

But for veteran dress designer Kristie Kelly, partnering with Costco feels like a marriage made in heaven.

"I was so happy because within this collection we've been able to incorporate a lot of beautiful details. We have elements on lace. We have Swarovski crystals," notes Kelly. "So while the cost is low, the quality and what you're receiving is very high."

Her Costco collection debuted in February. The four-day traveling trunk show features six sophisticated styles ranging from $650 to $1,400.

"I usually go to Costco for like toilet paper, not a wedding gown, so I was excited," said bride-to-be, Lupe Escamilla.

Escamilla, who was dress shopping for the first time, tried on a romantic Dupioni draped dress and fell in love with it - and it was the first dress she tried on. If it were only that easy!

And for some women, it's a fight to the finish.

Each year, Filene's Basement hosts several wedding dress sample sales across the country, which of course includes their famous "Running of the Brides."

Megan Lewandowski, who was first in line at the sale in Chicago, has shopped at that location for the past four years as a bridesmaid -- bit this time she's the bride.

Lewandowski had her plan of attack in place and gave her team of bridesmaids the instructions.

She even asked Szish to be an honorary team member.

"Team Blondie. I love it. Well I kind of have my running shoes on," joked Szish, who was wearing huge heels. "I can actually use them as a weapon, so they'll come in handy!"

With 1,700 gowns up for grabs at 70 to 95 percent off, it's an event a bride can't afford to miss.

After waiting in line for nearly 24 hours, it was go time. On the floor, the wedding dress war intensified.

The team gathered dozens of dresses and Megan finally found her favorite.

She took a spin, savoring her sweet success.

How much did she save? The retail price of Lewandowski's dress was originally $1,800, but she paid only $299! Talk about a bargain!

So should you go to your local Costco or should you get your team and sneakers ready for the "Running of the Brides?"

Szish shows "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill some examples of beautiful, yet affordable dresses:

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