Nearly Naked Gardener Gets Noticed! Boulder Exposure Could Lead to Tighter Rules

Sunflowers (AP)

BOULDER (CBS/AP) Spring is here with warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and naked gardeners. Boulder nudist Catharine Pierce loves to tend to her garden almost-completely-but-not-quite in the buff. Three days before the arrival of spring, the 52-year-old donned a thong and gardening gloves before stepping out her front door for a pruning.

A few of her neighbors might be enjoying the view, but some have voiced their displeasure at Pierce's barely-there yard work apparel. Last Wednesday, Boulder police arrived at the Pierce home after a flurry of calls from appalled onlookers reporting indecent exposure. The cops determined that Pierce's yellow thong and pink gloves were not breaking any laws.

Pierce and her husband, a fellow nudist, have heard the criticism before, and even weathered eviction threats last year. The complaints have prompted Boulder Housing Partners, which manages some of the city's affordable housing, to revise and tighten their rules to get residents to cover up when outside.

Pierce's husband Robert told The Daily Camera he will fight for his rights and against any new or amended housing rules, saying, "They're making a big mistake." The City Council will review the current anti-nudity ordinance in April but will not include a draft to ban women from going topless in public. A city spokesman said the city's ordinances have little effect on the housing authority's rules because they are a separate entity.