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Outfielder Gerardo Parra on how "Baby Shark" became the Nationals' anthem

Gerardo Parra on Nationals' "Baby Shark"
Gerardo Parra on how "Baby Shark" became the Nationals' anthem 05:22

The Washington Nationals made history when they won their first World Series last week. Outfielder Gerardo Parra helped turn things around for the Nationals when he joined the team in May, but he may be remembered more for giving the team a new anthem: "Baby Shark."

It all started when Parra decided to use it as his walk-up song after seeing his 2-year-old baby happily dancing to the song.

"The first day when I come in at bat and everybody heard that song – surprised. Even my teammates," Parra said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

As the team advanced to the World Series, the seas of fans would dance along with baby shark, mama shark and daddy shark moves. 

Now he's considering his next steps, as he is a free agent.

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Gerardo Parra celebrates after Game 4 of the baseball National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, Oct. 15, 2019. Patrick Semansky/AP

"Do you want to stay with the Nationals? Do you expect to stay with the Nationals?" CBS News correspondent Ed O'Keefe asked Parra.

"For sure. For sure. You know, I want to stay," Parra said, adding he'll take however many years God gives him with the Nationals.

"If you stay, does 'Baby Shark' remain your walk-up song?" O'Keefe also asked.

"For sure," Parra said. 

According to Parra, "Baby Shark" is "inside my heart." It not only gave him the World Series, but "I think more important is every kid's happy."

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