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Napolitano: We Will Fix The System

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano reiterated that her agency missed signals that could have prevented the attempted bombing of a U.S.-bound plane headed for Detroit Christmas Day and vowed to "find and fix" the system's weaknesses.

In an op-ed column for USA Today Wednesday, Napolitano said, "our defenses should never have allowed this individual to board a plane bound for the United States.

"The administration is determined to find and fix the vulnerabilities in our systems that allowed this breach to happen," she said.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama told reporters intelligence agencies failed to connect the dots with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

CBS News reported Tuesday that as early as August of 2009 the Central Intelligence Agency was picking up information on a person of interest dubbed "The Nigerian," suspected of meeting with "terrorist elements" in Yemen.

Sources tell CBS News "The Nigerian" has now turned out to be Abdulmutallab. But that connection was not made when Abudulmutallab's father went to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria three months later, on November 19, 2009. It was then he expressed deep concerns to a CIA officer about his son's ties to extremists in Yemen, a hotbed of al Qaeda activity.

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Napolitano said that preventing future attacks will require "multiple layers of defense," composed of federal, state and local law enforcement in addition to gathering intelligence abroad.

The secretary adds: "This is a shared responsibility in which we all have a role to play — from the traveling public alerting authorities when they see something suspicious to federal agencies working together to piece together clues to foil potential plots."

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