Nancy Pelosi warns Trump voters could lose out under GOP Obamacare replacement

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in an interview broadcast Sunday that President Trump’s supporters might lose out if Obamacare is replaced with the new Republican plan.

“Republicans will find any excuse to pull money up to the high end at the expense of the working class,” Pelosi said in an interview airing on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “And what’s so strange about it all is many of the people, many of the millions of people who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act voted for Donald Trump. They live in red areas. That money will be taken from red areas.”

“Any of the people who will be advantaged by the money going to the high end will be in blue areas. How’s that? It’s so wrong,” she continued.

The California Democrat, who helped craft Obamacare, said there are “some things” that can be done to improve President Obama’s signature health care law.

“I wish the Republicans would work with us to do that,” she said. “We can work with them to do that. But what they have put forth is a terrible bill -- 24 million people kicked off of health insurance, which the speaker calls ‘an act of mercy.’”

Pelosi said that copays and out-of-pocket health care costs “will go up more” under what she dubbed “Trumpcare.”

During the interview, Pelosi was also asked about the testimony FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to deliver Monday to the House Intelligence Committee. The hearing will focus on Russian interference in the 2016 election, but he’ll likely get asked about Mr. Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that Mr. Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower during the election.

When asked by “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson if Comey should clear up the allegation right away during the hearing, Pelosi said he should.

“I think he should,” Pelosi said. “And I certainly -- if he doesn’t, I think that he should be asked -- to do so, and why wouldn’t he?”

Asked if she has faith in Comey carrying out the investigation into Russian interference in the election, Pelosi said, “I think it’s possible that he can do that.”

“I’ve always had admiration for Director Comey before he was there, when he was assistant attorney general, and he acted very courageously in the Bush administration when it came to surveillance and the rest of that,” she said.

At the same time, she said, “There’s a mixed record there.”

  • Rebecca Shabad

    Rebecca Shabad is a video reporter for CBS News Digital.