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Nancy Pelosi: "I don't know if I'll miss" Boehner

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi weighed in Sunday on Speaker John Boehner's abrupt resignation from Congress and responded to questions about if she'll miss the GOP leader.

John Boehner: Why I quit the speakership 03:44

"I know one thing -- I have respect for my colleagues," Pelosi said in an interview on CNN. "I respect the people who send them here. I respect the fact that their caucus elected them to a leadership position." But, she added, "I don't know if I'll miss him."

Pelosi spoke highly of Boehner, praising him as "a very fine person" and a "devout Catholic."

"He had his glorious moment with the pope coming this week," she added. "He's a devout Catholic. We can agree to disagree without being negative about each other."

House Speaker John Boehner: There will not be a government shutdown 01:35

In her interview, Pelosi also addressed the possibility of a government shutdown -- an impending threat with the end of the fiscal year looming and a "clean" spending bill still on the ropes.

"All we have agreed is that we have to honor the calendar which says that on September 30th, the fiscal year ends and we have to have a continued resolution to take us forward as we prepare for our omnibus bill which will take us through the next year," Pelosi said.

The minority leader dispelled rumors that Boehner had cut a deal with Democrats on a continuing resolution to fund the government and to keep federal dollars in place for Planned Parenthood.

She added: "I wish the rest of it were true, but of course not."

On CBS' "Face the Nation," Boehner promised that there would not be a federal shutdown, even slamming some Republican colleagues for their "fool's errand" in closing the government in 2013.

"Over the course of the August recess in 2013 and the course of September, a lot of my Republican colleagues who knew it was a fool's errand -- they were getting a lot of pressure at home to do this. And so we got groups here in town, members, the House and Senate here in town who whipped people into a frenzy believing they could accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen," Boehner said.

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