Nancy Giles Endorses Kerry

John Kerry
CBS/The Early Show
I'm Nancy Giles, and I approve of this essay.

This Tuesday, Nov. 2, I will vote. I will bring extra identification in case my identity is challenged. I will double-check my ballot to make sure my vote is correctly entered. And I will hope that my vote is not tampered with, discounted, or destroyed. And that's the way it is - United States of America, 2004.

Something's gone terribly wrong in this country, and the current administration set the tone. It is time for a change, so I will vote for John Kerry for president.

I don't want this country run by two oil men who talked us into a war with a country that just happens to be rich in oil. A country that didn't attack us, didn't possess WMDs, and wasn't a threat. We've seen over 1100 of our brave soldiers killed; tens of thousands of our soldiers wounded and injured; tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed. Osama bin Laden is still at large; the bad guys are multiplying; there's no end in sight.

We have to restore our credibility around the world. These two oil men are using the horrific events of September 11 to keep our country terrified and to distract us from what they have destroyed here at home. A partial list: after a record surplus, this nation is in mind-numbing debt; after record job gains, millions of jobs have been lost or outsourced; health care and prescription drugs have become luxury items.

This year, many of our sick and elderly have had to enter a lottery just to get a flu shot. That's just wrong. I think John Kerry, a man who served his country with honor, will make better decisions about the mess in Iraq than two oilmen who did not serve.

I'm voting for John Kerry because I want a president who is willing to admit mistakes, take responsibility, and change course, even when presented with facts he might not want to hear.

I'm voting for John Kerry because I want the entire country to prosper, not just Halliburton. I'm voting for John Kerry because I want a president who understands that dissent is democratic and, therefore, is patriotic. I'm voting for John Kerry.