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Nail Your Next PowerPoint Presentation with the Rehearsal Mode

Some people were born with a lavalier mic in their hands and a presentation remote in their bassinet. Other folks stand in front of a group and talk through a PowerPoint presentation only reluctantly. No matter which group you're in, you can tighten your presentation by practicing. For example, did you know PowerPoint has a mode that can actually help you fine-tune the timing of your pitch?

When you're ready to practice, click the Slide Show tab and then click Rehearse Timings. The deck will start up in presentation mode. Practice your speech, changing slides as needed. When you're done, you'll see this message:

Click Yes.

Now, when you view your slides in Slide Shorter mode, you can see how long you stayed on each slide. That's handy: If you need to shorten your presentation, you can see which ones you spent too much time on, and fine-tune your timing.

And when you run your presentation, it will even auto-advance the slides according to that timing. Don't want the slices to auto-advance? Clear the checkbox that says Use Timings. [via How-To Geek]

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