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MySpace And ShineReveille Partner On International TV Distribution

This story was written by David Kaplan.

MySpace has signed a distribution deal with UK TV production house ShineReveille that's intended to expand the reach of their original programming internationally and online, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The terms call for ShineReveille to manage international TV, home video and merchandising rights for MySpaceTV properties. MySpace holds on to U.S. and online syndication.

The deal is not exclusive, though it is designed as a two-way street: ShineReveille gets to test and promote their shows to MySpace's users, while the Fox Interactive social net gets its hands on some potential hit programs. Plus, it has a ShineReveille could help it build on any web successes with the TV or home video market. Jamie Kantrowitz, MySpace International's VP for marketing: "With this deal, we can think about how to convert (webisodes) into a TV format or DVD format Producers who start off doing internet content for us will have the opportunity to work with us to turn it into a multiplatform property."

The deal also brings the Murdoch family a little closer together: in February, Shine, which is controlled by Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of News Corp (NYSE: NWS). CEO Rupert Murdoch, bought Reveille for $125 million. The younger Murdoch started Shine in 2001, a year after leaving News Corp.

By David Kaplan

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