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My 2010 Book List

With 2010 behind us, I thought it would be a good time for my 2010 book list. I've linked to any books that I gave a more in-depth review. If you have any thoughts about the books on this list, please leave comments below. As always, keep in mind that these are simply my opinions about the titles.

Distinguished The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb
The Shadow Man by John Katzenbach
The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly
The Quants by Scott Patterson
Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt The Big Short by Michael Lewis
Fault Lines by Raghuram Rajan
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
Turning Angel by Greg Iles

Excellent The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver
Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes by Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich
Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver
The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver
Cold Pursuit by T. Jefferson Parker
Armchair Economist by Steven Landsburg
The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

Very Good The New Coffeehouse Investor by Bill Schultheis
Red Light by T. Jefferson Parker
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
The End of the Free Market by Ian Bremmer
Briarpatch by Ross Thomas
The Backup Men by Ross Thomas
Silent Joe by T. Jefferson Parker
Chinaman's Chance by Ross Thomas
The Fools in Town Are on Our Side by Ross Thomas
A Maiden's Grave by Jeffery Deaver
The Analyst by John Katzenbach
Mutual Funds edited by John Haslem
The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly
The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer
The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit by Lucette Matalon Lagnado Explore TIPS by The Finance Buff
The Battle of Salamis by Barry Strauss

Good Miernik Dossier by Charles McCarry
Ah, Treachery! by Ross Thomas
Where Keynes Went Wrong by Hunter Lewis
The Cold War Swap by Ross Thomas
The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek
Summer of Fear by T. Jefferson Parker
South of Broad by Pat Conroy
Black Water by T. Jefferson Parker
Why Are Jews Liberals? by Norman Podhoretz
Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
The Whiskey Rebels by David Liss
Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving

The Commoner by John Burnham Schwartz
The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray
The Triggerman's Dance by T. Jefferson Parker
The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
Sala's Gift by Ann Kirschner
Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
Woman's Worth by Eleanor Blayney
Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell
Capitalism and the Jews by Jerry Muller
Careless in Red by Elizabeth George
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The Center Ring by Gary Jennings
Speaking in Tongues by Jeffery Deaver
State of Mind by John Katzenbach
The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks
The Time Value of Life by Tisa Silver

Poor The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

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