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Jim Jordan says Democrats fear Mueller report won't be "bombshell" they expected

Jordan: Dems fear Mueller report won't be "bombshell"
Jordan says Dems fear Mueller report won't be "bombshell" they expected 05:57

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, a staunch White House ally, said congressional Democrats have started sweeping committee probes into President Trump because they'll be disappointed by special counsel Robert Mueller's report, which Attorney General William Barr received Friday. 

"Now it seems like they now think that this is not going to be the bombshell they thought it was going to be. So they're launching all kinds of new fishing expeditions," Jordan said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. 

The conservative firebrand from Ohio said he'll wait to read the report, but stressed that he believes no evidence of collusion between Trump campaign associates and the Kremlin — one of the inquiries Mueller was assigned to probe — has surfaced. Suggesting lawmakers should respect the report's conclusions, Jordan said both Democrats and Republicans in Washington wanted Mueller to be appointed as special counsel in the spring of 2017.

"They got Bob Mueller, the guy who everyone said is right next to Jesus, can almost walk on water. They got the guy they wanted," he said. 

Asked if his recent embrace of Mueller's work and findings is hypocritical given his frequent criticism of the probe and his calls for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be impeached, Jordan demurred and pivoted to Michael Cohen's recent congressional testimony, citing it as an example of Democrats' "fishing expeditions."

Jordan did not engage when asked if he found some of the president's actions morally or ethically wrong, stressing that he supports the president because he has cut financial regulations and presided over low unemployment rates. 

Like other members of his party, Jordan said he hopes Barr "makes as much" of Mueller's report public as possible. 

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