Ms. Couric Goes to Washington: First Dispatch

As I mentioned earlier, Katie has been in Washington, where she just completed her exclusive interview with President Bush. She's headed back to New York now, and I just got this e-mail from one of her producers, Nicolla Hewitt:
Our day started early, after flying down to DC shortly after Katie's first night on the air. We beagn brainstorming on our questions for the President shortly after 8 am. With Katie still in her pj's, and over cups of coffee and scrambled eggs, we got word the White House would share big news with us before our interview (We'll get more of that later!).

It was funny to see Katie on the front page of most of the nation's papers along with the president. Two big newsmakers!!

After an hour, we were all in agreement: the focus of the questions would largerly be if, five years after 9/11, our country was safer now, and the ongoing war on terror.

Taking off...more later.

Stay tuned. Nicolla promises pictures, too.

Part of Katie's interview with President Bush will air on tonight's CBS Evening News, and more of it will appear on her first prime time special for CBS: "Five Years Later: Are We Safer?," at 10 pm ET.