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Mozy 2.0: Now Even More Butt-Saving

I'm a longtime fan and user of Mozy, the cloud-based backup service that works in the background to keep your data safe and sound. Your computer can die a thousand deaths, but your files will live on.

The just-announced Mozy 2.0 is automated backups made better. In addition to an overhauled interface, the new version (currently Windows-only) promises faster uploads and the option of making local copies of the data it's already sending to the cloud.

That new feature, 2xProtect, archives your files to any external storage (flash drive, hard drive, etc.), thus giving you twice the protection. Awesome.

And let's face it: Few people bother to keep a backup for their backup. But just as it's wise to archive data online in case of, say, a fire in your office, it's equally smart to keep local copies in case a flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or (gulp) SUV bomb wipes out a data center.

Mozy continues to offer free 2GB MozyHome accounts, which I've found sufficient for my one-man business. However, a mere $4.95 per month nets you unlimited online backup space -- less if you prepay a year or two at a time.

It's well worth it. If you're not making regular and reliable backups, you're flirting with disaster. Mozy just made itself doubly reliable.

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