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Movitate Yourself to Sell! In 45 Seconds!

Getting motivated to sell isn't difficult. All you need do is connect the dots between what you need to do and what you want to accomplish with yourself and your life. Here's a quick way to get yourself seriously pumped up to sell:
  • STEP #1: Remember why you're in sales. Focus for a moment what makes you happy and how that's tied to making a living in sales.
  • STEP #2: Remember why you chose this firm. Remind yourself that whatever you're selling is a vehicle to help fulfill that purpose.
  • STEP #3: Quickly Review your manager's objectives. Visualize your manager's objectives as being in line with your purpose and how your achievement will make your manager happy.
  • STEP #4: Quickly review your company's strategy. Helping your firm fulfill its strategic goals not only helps fulfill your purpose, but helps your friends, colleagues and customers, too.
  • STEP #5: Quickly review your most ambitious goals. Review the goals that, if achieved, will create success for yourself, your manager and your company. Don't have goals? Get some!
  • STEP #6: Review your plan for achieving those goals. Having a specific plan builds confidence, commitment and puts you in control of your destiny. Don't have a plan? Get one!
  • STEP #7: Decide what you can do, NOW, to move that plan forward. Start executing your plan. Right now. It will build momentum that will carry you forward.
With practice, you can easily complete this mental review in 45 seconds or less. I recommend making this a daily habit, right up there with the morning cup of java.

BTW, the above is based on a conversation I had a couple of years ago with the motivation speaker Omar Periu. It was truly one of the most motivating hours I ever spent!