Most Reliable News Source? Depends Who You Ask

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: Cable Networks Lead Our Poll; Newspapers Trail

Is America becoming a cable nation? With CNN getting 32 percent and Fox News 29 percent as the most trustworthy source of news, it would appear so. But if you factor in that around 50 percent of those that chose Fox were Republicans and 46 percent of those who chose CNN were Democrats (surprise) it might be an indication that America's propensity for fractious ideological divisions has spilled into how they choose to receive their daily ration of news. The big three networks (13 percent), The New York Times (8 percent) and the Wall Street Journal (7 percent) reflect an increasing diminution of old model, mainstream news delivery. Is it a seismic shift in the news business or an anomaly based on CNN's and Fox's all news all the time formats that tend to appeal to news junkies? Film at eleven...

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