Morgan Freeman on his dual role in "Madam Secretary" premiere

Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman is one of the most sought-out actors in Hollywood. Freeman has also taken his talents behind the camera, as one of the masterminds and executive producers of the hit CBS show, "Madam Secretary."

Although he originally had no intentions of being on screen, Freeman makes an appearance on this Sunday's second season premiere as the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Freeman told "CBS This Morning" that despite being the director and executive producer of the episode, he decided to audition for the role.

"You know, I'm good," he said.

On screen, Freeman has played a host of characters, from a sage prisoner in "The Shawshank Redemption" to the president in "Deep Impact" to Nelson Mandela in "Invictus." He has even played God -- twice. But "Madam Secretary" marks his first return to the director's seat in 22 years.

Freeman said coming into a set where the actors have already been working together for a year was "intimidating," but he trusted the actors.

"They know each other's every breath, so you don't want to go in there and say, Okay, why won't you do this," he said.

Freeman also said the show, a political drama about a former CIA analyst who is appointed secretary of state, reflects an "exciting time" in the United States--which has had three women hold the position--and drew inspiration from Hillary Clinton's tenure.

Asked why the president in the show has not yet been identified as a member of a political party, Freeman said it was "to stay out of trouble." During an interview with "CBS This Morning," Téa Leoni, who plays the secretary in the show, explained the show set out to not use the words "Democrat" or "Republican" to avoid the "polarization" on Capitol Hill.

Regarding his future endeavors as a director, Freeman said, "I think I'm getting to the age now where acting jobs are going to get fewer -- not yet, that's good -- so I have to think of another reason to get out of bed. And directing would be a good reason."

The second season of "Madam Secretary" premieres Sunday at 8 pm.