More Super Bowl ads to get you psyched for Sunday

(CBS News) For our fourth round of Super Bowl ads to get you psyched before Sunday (previous posts can be seen by clicking here, here and here) we're going to up the ante and your enjoyment level with three commercials this time. Last week we saw a teaser from Taco Bell in the form of a grandpa going wild. Now we have the full ad above for you above, and it's not just one senior citizen acting wild and crazy anymore. He brought some friends along this time. Take a look.

And if you're a parent, you've probably experienced or are dreading the day when you have to tell your children about the "birds and the bees". But I've got some good news: if you need to explain where babies come from, this next item from Kia Motors will serve as a valuable resource. Because they come from space. Obviously. Wait, are you saying you don't know about "space babies"...?

And last, but not least (though, I'm not actually ranking), we hit on another fear every parent has: bullies! Ooh, just writing the word gets my blood boiling. I can't stand bullies! Well, this last item from Hyundai gives us a chance to vicariously turn the tables on these despicable tyrants (with a little help from Mom, of course). Get psyched for Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!