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More GM Branding Idiocy: A New Cadillac Logo

GM's marketing dweebs are out in full force this season. Two weeks ago, they tried to scrap the Chevy nickname. Now they've decided to revamp the Cadillac logo. Behold:

Let me explain why this change is phenomenally stupid:
  • First, logo changes are expensive. In order to have any impact at all, the change must be made immediately to all marketing materials, advertisements, etc. That often means massive reprinting and retooling costs. So if you're going to change a logo, you'd better have a very good reason.
  • Second, logo changes are largely irrelevant. Contrary to what parasitical marketers would like you to believe, the logo on a product has very little effect on whether somebody buys a product. With a few exceptions, most logos simply fall into the category of the visual SPAM that everyone ignores.
  • Third, a new logo should be different. Since logo changes cost money and have little impact anyway, it only makes sense to change the logo if it's significantly different from the old logo. The two Cadillac logos are simply too similar to make much difference in the way the product is perceived.
  • Fourth, it's another example of GM cluelessness. Now that the crisis if over, GM looks as if its reverting to type and trying to brand market its way back to popularity. The ONLY way to get Cadillac back into the forefront of the luxury car market is to out-design Lexus and BMW, not more brand marketing.
  • Fifth, new logo, if anyone bothers to notice the difference, sends the exact wrong message. The new logo has the same "modern" look as the old logo, and screams late 20th century in a minimalist style that's reminiscent of the shiny Buick three-shield logo.
  • Finally, whatever cool that Cadillac still has is connected to the fact that it's a retro brand. Everything it's done for the past 20 years has been derivative and dull. The real value of the brand is the tradition, which would be better served by going back to the original logo.
If GM had some cool cars to sell (rather than the Buicks they've put out under the Cadillac brand over the past two decades), GM might have a story that was worth telling. But no. Rather than fixing their real problems, they're going to change the logo. Pitiful. Truly pitiful.

BTW, if you want to remember the glory years of the Cadillac, here's a great video that's 100% better than any advertisement that GM ever ran: