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More Cocaine Found in Red Bull

The health ministry of Austria has said it found negligible traces of cocaine in Red Bull Cola -- just a week after Germany reported similar findings.

The Austrian health ministry said it didn't perceive any health risk, as the levels found are very low. German authorities also said the drink should be perfectly safe, but nevertheless, such ingredients are not legally permitted. Six German states have stopped selling Red Bull and a national ban is being contemplated.

Jordan has suspended all imports of Red Bull and pulled existing products off the shelves. "Whenever we receive reports from any country regarding the withdrawal of a product from the market and we have it in Jordan, we do the same until we conduct the required tests," the head of the Jordan Food and Drug Administration said.

Red Bull has acquired a lot of cocaine-related nicknames over the years, and Redux Beverages went ahead and just named its competing energy drink Cocaine.

And, in fact, coca leaf extract is an ingredient in Red Bull Cola, but only after the illegal cocaine has been completely removed. "De-cocainized extract of coca leaf is used worldwide in foods as a natural flavoring," a company spokesman said.

Red Bull said its own tests for cocaine were negative.

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