More Clips Showing Atrocities Perpetrated By Hamas Posted Online

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Another clip showing the execution of a member of the Doghmosh family, Jamil Doghmosh, at the hand of Hamas security force in a Gaza street, has been posted online. The Army of al Islam claimed in a statement posted on Al Hesbah Internet forum that Jamil had been shot and his body was tied to a truck that drove around Gaza streets, then he was executed outside the home of a senior Hamas officer.

Hamas had announced that it killed 12 people, all members of the Doghmosh family, during a security operation southern Gaza.

The videos are resulting in anger towards Hamas amongst Islamist forum members. Several groups and webmasters issued statements condemning what they said was a "crime committed against Palestinian people," and calling on alaQassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, to rebel against their political leaders. "This is a message that we address to those still in the ranks of al Qassam Brigades who fight for the sake of God: Didn't you have enough of the tyranny of Hamas?" said the statement issued by the management of al Hesbah website.