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MoodTurn Can Whisk Away Workplace Stress

The boss is on your back. The project is way behind schedule. You dropped your BlackBerry in the loo. Starbucks is out of cookies. Everything's going wrong today and you just...can't...take it anymore! AHHHHHH!

If you need to de-stress at work, try MoodTurn. The site plays calming, soothing music mixed with the sounds of nature, while at the same time treating you to a peaceful nature scene. In no time at all, you'll be down from the clock tower and surrendering your rifle to the authorities.

Just click the Player menu up top, then click Change Mood to choose between four lovely soundscapes: Birds, Beach, Storm, and Rainforest. Click Background and to choose form seven lovely landscapes. But both those steps are optional: MoodTurn will automatically cycle the images and music without any input from you.

Even if you're not stressed out, MoodTurn's music can serve as wonderful white noise while you work. The service is free, and there's nothing to install: It works entirely in your browser. I've already bookmarked it; you'll want to do the same. [via AppScout]