Montreal teacher fired for showing alleged Luka Rocco Magnotta dismember-slay video

Luka Rocco Magnotta
Body parts sent to Vancouver schools
Luka Rocco Magnotta

(CBS/AP) MONTREAL - A Montreal teacher was fired Thursday after showing high school students a video that police believe shows the slaying and dismembering of a Chinese student by Canadian porn star Luka Magnotta.

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The board of Cavelier-De LaSalle High School has called the teacher's behavior inappropriate and offensive. 

"This decision follows an investigation by the CSMB [the school board], which took into account the seriousness of the action, the impact on the students involved, the human factor, as well as the standards provided for teachers' collective agreements," the school board said in a statement about the firing on Thursday, reports ABC News.

"The teacher's unacceptable behavior demanded action unequivocally," the president of the board, Diane Lamarche-Venne, said in a statement, according to ABC News.

Police suspect Magnotta of killing Jun Lin and posting a video online that shows him stabbing and having sex with the dismembered corpse. The case drew national attention when Lin's body parts were mailed to the headquarters of two of Canada's main political parties, and provoked an international manhunt when the suspect fled to Europe. Magnotta was caught Berlin last week and is facing extradition.

Montreal police said Wednesday that DNA results confirmed that two body parts mailed to two Vancouver schools last week belong to Lin. His head is still missing.

The teacher was suspended with pay on June 4, the same day he showed the video.

Staff at the school said that a team of psychologists was available to deal with any problems. The teacher's name was not released.

The video is so disturbing that, according to Montreal police, even seasoned detectives who watched it were troubled.

The teacher, whom one student described as being in his 20s, had been under contract to teach a 10th-grade history and citizenship education class through the end of the year.

Education Minister Michelle Courchesne criticized the teacher.

"It's horrifying," Courchesne told reporters in Quebec City. "It's a very, very serious and total lack of judgment. I don't see any educational value in that."

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