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Money Will Rain on Busch CEO When InBev Deal is Completed

To fully understand the machinations behind corporate dealmaking, you often have to wait until well after a deal is reached, as the details start coming out.

ablogoOne piece of the puzzle behind InBev's acquisition of Anheuser Busch may have been provided in a filing late last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission. August Busch IV, the CEO of Busch, will get $10.4 million after the sale, and will be paid $120,000 a month for about four years as a "consultant" to InBev.

He also will be eligible for $13.3 million in "change in control" payments and other benefits, such as personal security services, medical insurance, and administrative support. Oh, and free tickets to all Anheuser Busch-sponsored events.

In return, as the Associated Press put it, "Busch will not be able to disparage the company." Totally worth it.