"MLB 07 The Show" For PS3

MLB 07: The Show screenshot
After a very disappointing delay, the much anticipated "MLB 07 The Show" is finally here for PlayStation 3.

"MLB 07 The Show" has almost all of the bells and whistles from the PS2 version such as season mode, and head-to-head exhibition.

One disappointing aspect to this year's game for PlayStation 3 is the lack of mini-games such as the Home Run Derby and everyone's favorite King of the Diamond.

Just like the PS2 version, "The Show" features the Road to the Show mode, which is a step up from career mode. You create a brand new rookie, take him through the farms and eventually to the majors. It might seem like a lot of games to play but Sony has cut into the action a bit.

Essentially, you only play on defensive plays that involve your created rookie. It kind of takes away a bit from the everyday fielding by other positions but keeps the focus on your player.

Franchise mode is back. In it you can micromanage every aspect of your team's day-to-day operations such as budget, roster changes, stadium vending prices, stadium facilities management, draft players and mange the team's minor league. You can choose to simulate the games or play them in a standard season.

Graphically, "MLB 07 The Show" hits a home run. The graphics are so smooth, you can see uniforms move in motion, and dirt kick up from ground. Player likenesses are pretty spot-on as you can easily recognize players and team managers on the field, and in the dug out. I feel the graphics don't take full advantage of the PS3's power, nevertheless it's still really good.

Controlling the game is fairly simple and veterans of last year's game should have no trouble. For hitting, you simply press X for a normal swing and the square button for a power hit. As for pitching, you select a pitch using any of the face buttons, select the zone which you wish to pitch and then trigger the power meter to determine strength and accuracy of the pitch.

"The Show" features an extremely robust online user experience with the MLB Score Ticker, Instant Messaging, Buddy Invites and MLB franchise mode that now offers Online League Play. For the audio presentation of the game, Matt Vasgersian delivers the play-by-play. Baseball veterans Dave Campbell and Rex Hudler handle the color commentary and make it seem as if you are watching a real live ball game with their comments.

"MLB 07 The Show" is a true next-gen baseball simulation. As you play a game, whether online or in a simple exhibition game, you get the real sense that you are watching an actual MLB baseball game. Between the color commentary, pitching analyses, and stadium presentation it really adds to the experience.

There are tons of content and tons of things to do to keep gamers entertained for the entire season, and even the off season, too. Aside from the missing mini-games, Sony has made up for it with the inclusion of tons of online content. "MLB 07 The Show" is extremely enjoyable and baseball fans need to pick this one up.

"MLB 07 The Show" is rated "E" for Everyone (content suitable for ages 6 or older) and is available exclusively on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP game consoles.