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Mixergy's Andrew Warner: 'I Couldn't Do My Job Without...'

Ever wonder what apps and gear busy entrepreneurs use to boost their productivity, stay organized, and maintain their sanity? We did, too, which is why we're launching a new series here at Business Hacks where we ask CEOs, founders, and other influential business folks to reveal their tech essentials.

The entrepreneur: Andrew Warner

The business: Mixergy, a website that collects secrets-of-success interviews with well-known entrepreneurs and offers premium classes on topics like marketing, mobile apps, and copyrighting.

The tech tool that makes his life easier: "I don't admit this too often because video snobs laugh at me when I do, but a program I use every single day is ScreenFlow.

"The standard use for ScreenFlow is shooting screencasts. I do some of those, but that's not the main way I use it. For example, the other day one of my customers had a tech support issue. So I shot a personalized 1-minute video for him to show how to resolve his issue. It shot video of my screen, so he could see the solution I explained, and simultaneously shot video of myself, which I think personalizes the message.

"That's a pretty common use, but the part where the snobs turn up their noses is when they hear that I edit every Mixergy video interview using ScreenFlow. I've tried high-end software like Final Cut, but they all take too long to edit and render. I publish new interviews every single day, so I don't have time to waste. With ScreenFlow, my editing capabilities are limited a little bit, but everything is dead simple. It takes me less than 10 minutes to edit a 1-hour program. Let's see the video snobs do that."

The specs: ScreenFlow for Mac costs $99. Looking for something comparable for Windows? Check out Xomaya, which is currently on sale for $21.95 (normally $29.95).

If you're a CEO, founder, or all-around Important Person, we'd like to hear how you'd fill in this blank: "I couldn't do my job without _____." Ping me at