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Mistaken Dallas "suspect" and his brother say they've received death threats

Dallas "Suspect" Describes Ordeal
Dallas "Suspect" Describes Ordeal 09:45

A man who was wrongly identified as a suspect in the deadly sniper attack in Dallas and his brother say they've received death threats, CBS station KTVT reports.

The attack during a protest on Thursday night killed five police officers and wounded seven others and two civilians, officials said.

During the shooting, the Dallas Police Department posted a picture of Mark Hughes, identifying him as "one of our suspects" and asking for the public's help in finding him.

Hughes, who was demonstrating in the protest and carrying a rifle, said he got a phone call about the picture and "flagged down a police officer" immediately.

Dallas gunman identified 01:04

He spoke to KTVT after he was released around 1 a.m. on Friday.

"I just got out of the interrogation room for about 30 minutes with police officers lying, saying that they had video of me shooting, which is a lie, saying that they have witnesses saying that I shot a gun, which is a lie, so I mean, at the end of the day, the system was trying to get me," Hughes said.

His brother, Cory Hughes, said death threats were made against the brothers through social media.

"I just looked at my Facebook inbox - I got death threats," Cory Hughes said. "You know, Twitter, people are telling me they want to kill us because somebody that was irresponsible put my brother's image out there, and we were here just for a peaceful protest."

Mark Hughes said he didn't receive an apology when he was released and that he wouldn't be satisfied with an apology.

"It was persecution on me, unrightly, and I feel that they need to do something about it," Mark Hughes said.

On Friday, Emily Black, a spokeswoman for Dallas' government, said on her Twitter account that the man in the picture wasn't a suspect or a person of interest in the attack.

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