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Migrate Your E-Mail to Gmail with YippieMove

Want to make the move to Gmail? YippieMove helps you migrate your mail from your old provider. The service works with just about any IMAP account, and costs a reasonable $9.95 per account.

Using YippieMove couldn't be much simpler. Start by specifying where you're moving from: AOL, Apple .Mac, any of several dozen universities, or "other" if your provider isn't on the list. Provide your account information, then your Gmail account information. Finally, choose the folders you want to transfer, then sit back while YippieMove gets to work. Note that you must use Google Checkout to pay for the transfer.

YippieMove doesn't yet support POP3 or Web-based accounts (like Yahoo Mail), but apparently these options are in the works. In the meantime, this service could prove very handy for anyone who wants to back up their e-mail to a free Gmail account or move to the service outright. [via Webware]

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