Microsoft Word Tip: How to Password-Protect a Document

Last Updated Apr 7, 2008 12:00 PM EDT

word-password-protect.jpgIf you have some particularly sensitive documents on your PC, it makes sense to password-protect them. Microsoft Word makes this easier than you might think. Here's how:
  1. Click File > Save As.
  2. Click the Tools button, then Security Options (or General Options if you're using Word 2007).
  3. Enter a password that will be required to open the document (or a password to modify it, if you want to make it a read-only document). Make sure it's a password you can remember! If you have a bad memory for that kind of thing, write the password down somewhere.
  4. Click OK and you're done!
That's all there is to it. FYI, the procedure is virtually identical in Excel (except that you click General Options). Share your favorite Word and Excel tips in the Comments.
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