Microsoft offers a peek at Windows 8

Windows 8 on tablets.
Like Windows Phone, Windows 8 on tablets (and every other platform for that matter) has a screen of "Live Tiles" that provide rich data and launch deeper apps. Users can slide the tiles around on the screen.
Rafe Needleman/CNET

(CBS/CNET) - The successor to Windows 7 debuted today at the D9 conference, and so far it appears to be Windows Phone 7's interface and tile-style of app management bolted on top of Windows 7.

Code-named "Windows 8" by Microsoft, the next-generation operating system is notable for two features: it's the first major attempt by the operating system giants to elevate a mobile OS to desktop status, and it's expected to be touch-friendly and work seamlessly on tablets, desktops, and laptops.

This Windows 8 preview video from Jensen Harris, director of program management for Windows, certainly looks impressive. The "app tiles" concept from Windows Phone 7 has been blown up, expanded to suit a larger, horizontal screen. In many ways, this makes sense. Having a persistent, real-time weather or traffic feature on your desktop is something that you can now achieve with a multitude of programs and widgets, but making them look and feel like mobile apps better positions Windows to reach younger consumers whose first computing experience is likely to be a high-powered tablet or phone, not a 186 running DOS.

Windows 8 also appears to meld Windows 7's file-sharing tools to the friendlier, touch-tacular mobile interface.

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