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Microsoft Edits Black Person Out of Ad; Everyone Offended

This is what racism in advertising looks like: Microsoft photoshopped a black man out of one of its ads targeting the Polish market (image below). Is this racist against black people or the Polish? Or both? You decide!

Microsoft prepared two web sites touting its IT infrastructure software, one in English and one in Polish. The English one featured the usual politically correct rainbow coalition of smiling everymen: A white woman, a black man and an Asian man.

The Polish site, however, featured a badly edited white man's head sitting on top of the shirt collar of the man who was black in the English ad. (Here's the English-language version of the site. Here's the Polish-language version.)

Microsoft apologized, and has already started a witchhunt internal inquiry to figure out who needs to be fired.

Hat tip to Endgadget.

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