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Michigan cops: Man found dead in car had just googled symptoms

DETROIT A man was found dead in the parking lot of Grand Valley State University, in Allendale, Michigan, and police are searching Internet records to determine what killed him, reports CBS Detroit.

The body of the man, in his late 30s, was found inside a parked car.

He wasn't a student, but he had been inside the school shortly before he died.

"It appears that he had been using the university's computer lab and was researching health issues, actually specific symptoms of a health problem, which may give us an indication of what was going on, " Lt. Patrick Merrill said.

The symptoms were pain and tightness of the chest and sweating.

"Maybe he thought he would just lay down for a minute and feel a little better, but unfortunately he passed away," Merrill said.

Police believe the death was from natural causes.

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