Meth found in Halloween trick-or-treat candy in Wisconsin

One parent found a small bag of meth about the size of a quarter mixed in with their children's candy.


KESHENA, Wis. -- Menominee Tribal Police say a parent on the reservation in northeastern Wisconsin found a packet of methamphetamine among her child's trick-or-treat Halloween candy.

The parent turned the small packet of crystal powder over to police early Monday and officers say it tested positive for meth. The child did not ingest the powder.

CBS affiliate WFRV reports that  police are urging parents to check their children's candy if they have been trick-or-treating in the Keshena area on the Menominee Indian Reservation, about 160 miles north of Milwaukee.

"Had that parent not looked through they could have tasted it and it could have turned deadly," Lana Washinawatok told WFRV. "I get really angry because it is sad."