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Message In A Bottle

CBS News producer Chloe Arensberg is traveling with Daniel Sieberg and cameraman Mark LaGanga to the arctic.

DAY 4 – JULY 7, 2007

Today we all – the Captain included – participated in an experiment literally involving messages in bottles. I loved it. Eddy Carmack, a senior scientist on the trip, has been doing this for years and finds that about 1 in 25 make into somebody's hands. Where they end up helps examine changes in current and circulation patterns. Everyone took varying degrees of running starts and jettisoned their bottles overboard. Some have better throwing arms than others.

A few of the Canadian Coast Guard guys were in New Orleans and are completely self-effacing when we point out they arrived considerably faster than the U.S. government. But they're clearly proud of their work there. Sometimes I'll be walking down the hall and a crew member I've never met before will pull me aside and whisper "hey, I was in New Orleans too."

Mark remembers the formidable St. Bernard parish president making his case by pointing out that the Canadians got there 2 weeks before anyone from FEMA. Can't remember if that's actually true, but there you have it.

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